Walter Financial is the culmination of more than half a century of business acumen honed by the Somers family. Over the years, the family’s investment activities have grown in size and scope, resulting in the creation of an investment firm that has evolved into the keystone of the Walter Group's operations.

A Family-Run Business

Walter Financial’s history can be traced back to the success of entrepreneur Walter J. Somers, who in 1952 founded the company now known as Walter Surface Technologies, an important provider to the global metal surfaces industry. In 1989, he handed over the reins to his son, Pierre Somers, who has since spearheaded Walter Surface Technologies’ global expansion and refocused the Group's operations in the finance sector in 2018..

Investment Focus

Over the years, the Somers family chose to leverage the excess cashflows generated by Walter Surface Technologies to invest with the same entrepreneurial vision in carefully chosen businesses. The success of these ventures eventually led to the creation of Walter Financial. With its two private equity investment firms, Walter Capital Partners and Walter Global Asset Management, Walter Financial has grown into a respected investment firm and driving force of the Walter Group.