Our three-pronged equity portfolio strategy has been developed to maximize the performance of our investments, both individually and as a whole. All three portfolios are shaped by our entrepreneurial vision and our commitment to creating value through long-term growth and profitability.

Diversified Public Equities

High-Performance Businesses Regardless of Market Cycles

Our Diversified Public Equities portfolio comprises a limited number of market-leading companies, both here in Canada and around the world. Defining characteristics include a superior business model, good cash flow and solid financials, all of which are instrumental to creating wealth for long-term shareholders.

When identifying assets to include in this portfolio, our analysts focus on bottom-up, intense research to find businesses that possess enduring competitive advantages, boast an exceptional management team and deliver an outstanding performance, regardless of market and industry cycles. The underlying philosophy for our Diversified Public Equities strategy is that a fundamentally strong company will continue to fare well, even when the economy does not.

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Strategic Public Equities

Hand-Picked Companies with Long-Term Potential

The investments that make up our Strategic Public Equities portfolio are concentrated in a small number of businesses. We carefully select each one, based on the quality of the management team and the business model in place, as well as the long-term outlook for the market they operate in. They must stand up to close scrutiny in all three categories.

The one-of-a-kind approach employed by Walter Financial for the Strategic Public Equities portfolio is rooted in a permanent capital base that makes it possible to embrace a long-term vision, given the large and often illiquid investments involved. We have an extensive history in these types of strategic assets. Over the years, we have been the second biggest shareholder in numerous public companies, after the founders, and held board directorships at a number of them.

High-quality investments therefore constitute the core of this portfolio. Complementary to this, we act on certain opportunities that are more complex in nature, where we are in a position to add value and reap significant benefits.

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Private Equity

Investment and Value Creation Go Hand in Hand

Our entrepreneurial investment vision is a natural fit with our Private Equity portfolio. We have a long and successful track record in this regard, having invested in a series of private companies, either directly or through the creation of Walter Capital Partners. Because Walter Financial is already part of a successful operating group, we have the tools to understand what is required to build a winning corporate strategy and business model. We put this know-how to work for top-tier firms with the potential to take their development to new heights.

Our long-term investment thrust also applies to private equity. In other words, we never acquire a business simply for the sake of acquiring it. We team up with every company we invest in to cultivate their success and grow with them, side by side.

Here is how we materialize this vision, through the testimony of two entrepreneurs who experienced our approach.

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